Located in Alexander Arkansas

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  City Of Alexander

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Alexander, AR. 72002


                         OUR HISTORY

According to the articles of incorporation. The community was incorporated into the “TOWN OF ALEXANDER: ON DECEMBER 15, 1887; with 20 residents listed by name and lot number as residents.

In that short time, the little settlement, located 13 miles down the Iron Mountain Company track from Little Rock, had acquired a “drug store” and practicing physician”, two other stores and a sawmill. As was the norm at that time, the railroad company was selling lots for dwellings and businesses. Money was already being budgeted for building a church and school but, in the meantime, occasional services were held in the mill house.

In the same enthusiastic letter, mention is made of “a worthy colony of honest, industrious German immigrants” who came down from Ohio after purchasing land. Another source records that in the same year, a Pennsylvania German named E.A. Meninger took an 880-acre farmstead.

Five years later, in an 1884 pamphlet called, The Agricultural Mineral and Timber Resources of Saline County, Arkansas, issued to prospective settlers, Alexander was described as being situated on the county line dividing Pulaski from Saline. The hope was expressed that the next legislature would pass an act throwing the whole town into Saline County “taking a small strip or corner” from Pulaski.

Evidently, their hope was never fulfilled. By that time, the population consisted of 300 “worthy citizens with a school and three churches – Methodist, Baptist and German Lutheran.”

The same pamphlet read, “No city or town should be built upon county or state lines. The inconveniences and annoyances are numerous and unpleasant, especially in large places.”

The citizens of Alexander were described as “particularly moral, sober and intelligent” – probably due to there being no liquor outlet. In the cemetery, the earliest graves seem to be dated 1890, which appears to confirm early claims that the area was “healthy.”

Alexander, still “thriving after more than 120 years, lies northeast of Benton, from where it may be reached by driving east on Arkansas 183 and taking a right onto West Sardis Road, then a left onto South Alexander on Arkansas 111. The city’s current population is 614; the land elevation is 340 feet and land area 0.4 square miles.